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TYPEC USB interface standard - the last king of the era of the cable interface

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March 2015, released the new MacBook, use USB type-C, triggering the industry's hot, ever give up their closed system means TYPEC is expected to unify all mobile phones, tablet, PC and other equipment of the cable interface, in cable era before the end, the formation of a unified. Now from the hardware perspective under the USB Type-C, by the way questions.
Small size, support for positive and negative plug, fast (10Gb). This small is for the USB interface on the previous computer, said, the actual relative to the microUSB on the Android is also a big point:
USB Type-C:8.3mmx2.5mm
While lightning:7.5mmx2.5mm
So, I can not see from the size of USB Type-C on handheld devices advantages. And speed, can only watch the video transmission is needed.
Pin definition


It can be seen that the data transmission is mainly divided into two groups of TX/RX differential signal, CC1 and CC2 are two key pins, the role of a lot of:

Probe connection, the distinction between the positive and negative, the distinction between DFP and UFP, which is the master and slave

Configure Vbus, USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery two models

Configure Vconn, when there is a chip in the cable, a CC transmission signal, a CC into a power supply Vconn

Configure other modes, such as audio accessories, DP, PCIe

There are 4 power and ground, which is why you can support the reasons for 100


Don't look at USB type-C seems to support the highest 20V/5A, actually this need USB PD, and support USB PD required additional PD chip, so do not think that is USB type-C interface of the can to support 20V/5A.

Of course, the future should be integrated into the chip.

The auxiliary signal and sub2 (Side sub1 band use), was used in some specific time transfer mode.

D+ and d- are to be compatible with USB before the standard.

Said here about the USB3.0 only one set of Rx / TX, speed is 5GB, USB type-C in order to ensure the positive and negative can be inserted in the two groups, but in fact data transmission is only a group of Rx / TX, speed has reached 10GB the. If the following upgrade agreement, the two groups are passed on and 20Gb as DisplayPort.

Work flow


Figure DFP (Downstream Facing Port) is the main (Upstream UFP, Facing Port from). In addition to DFP, UFP, and DRP (Dual Role

Port), DRP can do DFP can also do UFP. When DPR received UFP, DRP was converted to DFP. When DRP received DFP, DRP was converted to UFP. Two DRP connected together, this time is either a party for DFP, the other is UFP.


Pin has a pull up resistor Rp, the UFP has a drop down resistor Rd. When the DFP is not connected, the VBUS is not output. After the connection, CC pin connected to DFP CC

Pin will detect the UFP drop resistance Rd, that is connected to the DFP on the open Vbus power switch, the output power to UFP. Which CC pin (CC1, CC2) to determine the interface detection of pull-down resistor into a direction, by switching RX/TX.

Resistance Rd=5.1k, resistance RP is uncertain value, according to the map in front of the saw USB type-C has several power supply mode, rely on to the screening? On the RP value, the RP values are not the same as, to CC pin detection voltage is not the same, then to control the DFP end execution which power supply mode.

It should be noted that the figure in the painting of two CC, in fact, there is no chip in the cable is only a CC line.

Chip containing cable is not two CC lines, but a CC, a Vconn, used to supply the chip power supply (3.3V or 5V), then the CC side did not drop the resistance Rd, but the drop-down resistance 800-1200, Ra europe.


When the CC pin two are connected to the pull-down resistor <=Ra, DFP audio accessories into the model, left and right channels, MIC are evil, pictured above.

USB Type-C and DisplayPort PCIE.

USB PD is BMC coding signal, and before the USB, FSK, so there are not compatible, do not know on the market at present there are no energy conversion products.

USB PD is in the CC pin on transmission PD has a VDM (vendor defined message), defines the end device ID, read DP or PCIe device support and DFP into alternative (alternate) mode.

If the DFP recognized that device DP, MUX/Configuration will switch Switch, let Type-C USB3.1 signal to DP signal transmission pin. AUX assisted by SBU1 SUB2, Type-C to pass. HPD is the detection of feet, and CC almost, so share.

The DP has lane0-3 four differential signal, Type-C RX/TX1-2 is also the four differential signal, so it is no problem. And in the DP protocol alternative mode, you can USB signals and DP signals at the same time transmission, RX/TX1 transmission of USB data, RX/TX2 replacement for the lane0,1 two group of data transmission, this time can be supported by 4k.

If the DFP recognized that device DP, MUX/Configuration will switch Switch, let Type-C USB3.1 signal to PCIe signal transmission pin. Similarly, PCIe uses RX/TX2 and SBU1, SUB2 to transmit data, RX/TX1 to transmit USB data.

The advantage is that an interface can use two devices at the same time, of course, the conversion can be done on the line, without any chips.


USB type-C ended the long USB in to the defects, save a large amount of people's time, change a direction at least 2S it, according to the world's 10 million people every day to plug a USB, 50% probability in fault, consuming a total of 277000 hours, about 31 years, too horrible.

An interface to get three kinds of audio and video data, the volume is still small. It can be predicted that after Andrews machine can be changed for USB type-C interface, if need only USB2.0, you only need to redo the cable, the part of the function need to interface chip, cost can be ignored.

As for Thunderbolt, lightning, how is it or how it. Is a colorful world All flowers bloom together. Huizhou City, the linkage of the future Co., Ltd., has been the first in the industry launched the TYPEC adapter, mobile power supply, switching line solutions for the full support of TYPEC ready to do a good job.