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What is TYPE-C USB?

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TYPE-C USB is two words, the first is the USB, which is released by the USB-IF organization, followed by TYPE-C, C is the version number of the physical form of the interface, with respect to TYPE-A, TYPE-B in terms of the upgraded version. As usb3.1 is relative to the USB2.0, USB1.1 upgraded version of the same, but 1,2,3 Arabic numerals of the version number is relative to the interface data transmission protocol in terms of, a, B, C, is relative to the interface of the physical form of the provisions. Over the past 10 years, a mouth of ordinary consumers to use the most, namely ordinary computers on the USB port, said as a base, corresponding to the plug, known as a male seat, a main role is as a downstream port for data and power, which has a base of equipment, in terms of power, which belongs to the power supply equipment (type-C said SRC the source), in data transmission, belonging to the host (type-C said for DFP is down stream port). B port, then, in turn, belongs to the power side (SNK in the TYPE-C that is SINK), data transmission on the Slaver (UFP UP TYPE-C Stream port). Initially released to port B is square, industrial application, because of the large volume, and has released a mini USB and micro USB, the micro USB form of port B, became the standard Android phones now. TYPE-C port, the purpose is to combine the A port and B port, so that a mouth can not only play HOST, but also can play SLAVER.


The changes brought by TYPE-C include:


First, the power transmission and the difference between the traditional USB. Is USB Typc-C, all support type-C interface standard equipment all can by CC pin interface specification to the connection of the other party declared that oneself takes VBUS will (i.e. traditional USB the positive end of the connecting line), strong willingness to side eventually to VBUS output voltage and current flow, on the other side received VBUS bus power supply, or still refused to accept the supply, but does not affect the transmission function. In order to be able to use this bus definition more. Type-C interface chip (for example, LDR6013), the general characteristics of the device from the device is divided into four types: SRC, TRY.SRC, DRP, SNK, the four roles of the VBUS bus will take the. The SRC is equivalent to the adapter will continue to want to VBUS output voltage, TRY.SRC equivalent of mobile power, only when the case of adapter, to give up the output VBUS DRP equivalent to a cell phone, under normal circumstances, they expect each other to their power, but met than oneself also weak equipment is also reluctant to each other output, SNK is not foreign to output electric energy, is generally weak battery equipment, or equipment without the battery, such as U disk, mouse, Bluetooth headset.

Second, data transmission difference. Traditional USB interface, there is only a general internal business processing units, such as USB3.0 processing chips, HDMI chips, USB2.0 chips, etc.. The TYPE-C interface, allowing up to three sets of business processing units, can be controlled by the analog switch, while supporting the two group of USB data transmission business plus a group of HDMI signal transmission services. Or any combination of the three groups. So, a TYPEC interface, can support up to three groups of transmission plus a set of power supply, a total of 4 kinds of functions.

Third, physical contact and power transfer capability difference. TYPE-C USB to support the pros and cons, because both sides have a total of four sets of power and ground, in the power of support and hungry to upgrade, the highest support 20V, 5A 100 watt transmission capacity. Will bring the revolution of the traditional power supply.

In addition to the handheld device interface to dominate the world outside, family power supply system of the future, typec will occupy an important position, so as to appeal to the years of DC home implement.